Fighting Through 

One of the hardest things about life is that once or a couple times in your lifetime you will experience pain,tears and in some cases falling into a deep hole . Life has it’s ups and downs but that’s okay because that’s just means you can try again until you’ve conquered it .You’ll learn throughout […]

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Who Are You ? 

Can you honestly say you know someone just by knowing their existence? Or is it something more that lies within their soul that is waiting to be found by the unknown ?  They say it takes a couple of years to fully know someone and that’s all you need in order to either marry, connect […]

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Lust and Found

You told me I was beautiful ,glanced at my smile ,listened to my laugh,admired my personality, nothing was new to me as you spoke those dead meaningless words to my soul. I’ve gotten to know your face , your voice and your actions as if that’s all I needed to remember when your name is […]

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Silence of The Truth

Waiting to hear the truth from you seemed like an eternity. Every little bad thought ran through my head and not knowing when all of this madness will end. It took all the courage and strength in me to over come this obstacle of staring at a locked door wishing and praying for you to […]

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The Dark 

I’m afraid of you,not knowing what hides within  Picturing as I open my eyes to see two red eyes with a scary grin  Words fill up my head and whispers flow in and out of my ears  Asking God to take away this monster and destroy my fears  My mind is getting tricked with your […]

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My Guidance

 I always thought of my brother as a teacher who showed me life at a different  angle and it made it so much easier and clear for me to understand . I don’t remember  exactly when my brother started helping during high school but I do remember the  methods ,tips and tricks he taught me […]

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