Feeling alone

All of my life I’ve been feeling alone with no purpose in life. I thought no one would have any interest in me since I wasn’t part of crowd and I would be the outcast of crowd being the way I was I felt that I needed to do bad things in order to have others like me .

It took me years to come out of my shell and let people know I’m more than a quiet face with no voice and it felt good becoming more out there but at the same time people expected a lot out of me . they all assumed I didn’t do anything bad or innocent wise ,but once my mouth opened ,so did their eyes !

Once I got people’s attention ,I realized that I wanted to be myself and not what others thought I was . as the years went by I cared less about the thoughts of me because why impress those who don’t even notice ? I sometimes thought I wasn’t good enough because I didn’t drink,smoke or have sex so I never hung out with my friends since that was all they did , but after awhile I didnt mind being home because I was better than that and that’s when I found my writing came to a good use since I’m not good at talking about my feelings to anyone but to my pen and paper !

My writing is my escape in life and I will forever and always tell the world my words and make them inspired and to one day make a difference to those who feel the same and may god be with you !

#late night thoughts


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