I know he’s real

Many times throughout my life I’ve cheated death and every time God saved me because he knew it wasn’t my time yet and he wanted me to stay for my purpose. There was a time when I was 13 that challenged God to save me and I didn’t know if he was going to accomplish that challenge or not ,but,I was afraid that he was going to lose the victory.

Ever since that day I have never felt so appreciated towards life and inspiring me to make my dreams come true ! It changed my life and even though it was a big accident ,to me it was a wake up call from God to tell me that I need to make a difference to myself and others .

And he was right . Until this day I think about that day and realize I would not be here today if it wasn’t for him and my story maybe not matter to you and telling it was “just a freak accident” can’t change my mind and just because it didn’t happen to you ,doesn’t mean its okay to tell me a lie that literally almost killed me !

Telling some one “you know how they feel” doesn’t mean you actually do it just makes you look like you physically care but not emotionally. You can’t give advice to someone you have no experience with and you will look like a fool and end up feeling like a jerk just so you can get a way with acting like you know their pain when everyone has different pains they experience . Before you say anything ,think twice of that person’s pain and try to comfort them instead of telling to their face !

#late night thoughts


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