We live in a world

We live in a world where being faithful,caring,loving,and wanting to be there for someone is no longer the truth . People are being hurt by the those they trusted and loved with no hesitation for which that came out to be a huge mistake . The warm hearted people are becoming more and more cold hearted now a days because of who played them and left them that way .

Why hurt a loyal and beautiful soul and turn it into a cold hearted and dead soul? All that person gave you was their heart and you threw it away for someone who didn’t have a heart to give ,only their bodies . You were stupid enough to drop a diamond for a rock and thought it was okay to damage the one who lend you a helping hand when you were having troubles in life .

People have gotten hurt and backstabbed too much that when someone who is truthfully loyal,beautiful,and trusting enough to think that it was too good to be true ,that person will still have cautions about you because of what the past made him/her into. Don’t give in and let that person know you’re real and will always remain real to them even when they don’t believe it !

We need more loyal people in the world again and stop wearing masks to fool the good ones and make them think the truth about human . The only reason why people say “you got to watch your back because it will get stabbed” is only because people like you are the only reason we have to trust no one but ourselves and who are still by our side through it all.

Don’t let the devil lie to you and make him turn you into a demon and instead let God make you his angel ! Be grateful for being who you are and thanking God for not leaving your side when the times were rough and leading you into a brighter future ❤

#late night thoughts


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