You’re not a failure

You tend to doubt yourself with negativity
But can only be sure of it when you’re not with me

The struggles are nothing but making stress on you explode
Then you begin to crawl into your rage mode

You believe the words that are being thrown at you
And makes you get reminded of what you been through

It is okay to cry all your pain away
But it is not okay to have a rainy day

You don’t notice what you’re worth
So go on and find your purpose and learn

You may not be perfect to your family
But honestly its up to you who you wanna be

Don’t care what others think
They’re only there to help you sink

You can accomplish anything in life
Just not by stabbing someone with a knife

Whenever you feel useless
Just think of the person who helped you get through it

Your life is more than you think
But its your choice to let it all become nothing

Give your life a good reason to be alive
And love those who stood by your side

Let God help you get through the storm
And I promise he’ll make you feel reborn

You’re not a failure to me
You’re just a person with a big dream !

#late night thoughts


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