My Guidance

 I always thought of my brother as a teacher who showed me life at a different 

angle and it made it so much easier and clear for me to understand . I don’t remember 

exactly when my brother started helping during high school but I do remember the 

methods ,tips and tricks he taught me to give me a better view on how to learn from it . 

The most struggle i went through in high school was math and I can’t even explain how 

difficult it was for more but at some time it would click to me if i slowly over and over 

again look it through but besides that my mind was lost in another dimension. Little by 

little my mind would click to the tips but sometimes i would forget and try to find a way to 

help myself to remember the tricks so i know next time . I dont always ask my brother 

for help but when i do it just to ask him to check my work and i ask him questions and 

from then and there he will do some problems with me to help me understand how to 

solve it in a much faster and easier way than a teacher would show in class. I can’t 

thank my brother enough for getting through my high school years and if it wasn’t for 

him i would be learning anything and my life and intelligence would be the same !


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