Johnny Depp

Johnny Depp- The most handsome and most spiritual actor alive and his voice is characterized and know from many movies and the way he has his body gestures during his acting ,makes you question about life and wondering how can one man be so perfect ? Johnny Depp is known for being a part of […]

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We live in a world

We live in a world where being faithful,caring,loving,and wanting to be there for someone is no longer the truth . People are being hurt by the those they trusted and loved with no hesitation for which that came out to be a huge mistake . The warm hearted people are becoming more and more cold […]

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You’re not a failure

You tend to doubt yourself with negativity But can only be sure of it when you’re not with me The struggles are nothing but making stress on you explode Then you begin to crawl into your rage mode You believe the words that are being thrown at you And makes you get reminded of what […]

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